Headline #102: Women gone wild (bare-headed newsreaders)!!

Headline #102 was one of those really strange memes that just popped right out in three overlapping dreams, but getting the headline out the jumbled mess was quite a challenge to say the least. The headline predicted:

“Middle Eastern women seen climbing out of cultural subservient ‘hole’”

It was one of those headlines that I was extremely reluctant to publish…I mean how in the world can this possibly come true?

Much to my surprise, the prediction was quite literal, and the epicenter was Saudi Arabia AND London. Apparently one female journalist made sparks fly when she removed her burka to read the news in Arabic to a Saudi, state-owned news organization.

“Saudi news sites suggested it was the first time a presenter has read a bulletin without wearing a veil or headscarf on a state-owned news channel. The newsreader was broadcasting in Arabic from London.”



For those thinking that his story is less significant because she was in London, think again…(from the same link above)…

“Those who hoped the incident was a step forward for women’s rights in the conservative country would have been left disappointed, as the channel released a statement saying the incident would not happen again”

There’s just so much on this article. The event really did cause a considerable uproar…

Many praised the move as a step forward for women’s rights in the strict Islamic country.

But others branded the move as a step too far and Twitter hashtag #newsencouragesadornments was widely circulated.

One user, @HoNABIL, called the channel’s producers ‘zionist enemies of religion’.

Most remarked on how shocked they were at the newsreader’s bare-headed appearance.

The clip was shared on several Arabic news channels and viewed online tens of thousands of times.



Many other sites picked up the news. If you’ve been in the dark about the atrocious lack of rights, get this…

Saudi society has been divided over the possibility of granting women more rights, including the right to drive cars.



This is such an incredible story, and it’s one that would have been absolutely impossible to predict without dedicated efforts of our dreamers. Interestingly, it was the very first burka dream (from Albelba on Jun 20) where the “climbing out” meme was predominate, but if it wasn’t for NativeAmericanDreamWeaver and Elyse, I’m convinced that we would have clearly missed this incredible prediction.

DreamSeer score is an unequivocal 5.0, and I’m willing to bet that this is just the beginning of Headline #102 (especially as we look out beyond August 2014).

As far as timing goes, this one was presented in a dream roughly 5 1/2 weeks prior to the event, but NativeAmericanDreamWeaver’s burka dream was exactly 4 weeks prior, which matches our Proj Aug average. The other thing of significance here is that Albelba specifically intended Aug 10th, which means that target was decent, but timing dreams does tend to get a little squirrely.

Well done, folks! Impressive to say the least!




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Copyright © 2014 Chris McCleary. Except for quotes, all rights reserved and any reference about this material requires a link back to this page.

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