DreamBot: Another conspiracy found!

If your eyebrows stayed calm and collect while reading the recent DreamBot2 phrases, then I commend you. A few of those phrases seemed to be telling a direct story, especially this one…

Football rape program recognized

Now, of course, we have not yet obtained enough data on DreamBot2 to postulate predictive headlines based solely on the linguistics phrases. We don’t have this problem with DreamBot1, but that’s another story.

So, who was postulating the future when they read the above phrase? I sure was.

But what I wasn’t prepared for was a very ironic hit from the land of professional football just two days later (i.e., today)…


Photos of Jerry Jones in sexually suggestive poses with young women part of extortion plot, report says

Published August 07, 2014 |   New York Post

Racy photographs allegedly of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, in sexually suggestive poses with young women, hit cyberspace Tuesday in an apparent extortion plot, The Post reports.

One image of the outspoken football executive showed him cupping the breasts of a blond woman in a restroom.

Another shot appears to show a dark-haired lovely, in the same restroom, kneeling with her cheek up against his crotch.

The tweeter, who goes by the handle INFIN8SON, posted these pictures with the caption: “Sins of Jerry Jones.”

The 72-year-old head Cowboy has been married to his wife, Gene, for 51 years.


So now we’re back to this yet again…who do we believe: Mass media or the DreamBot? Clearly the two notions are completely contradictory, but yet they appear to be talking about the same story/conspiracy (depending on what the truth is).

Holy cow folks; I really find it hard to ignore the linguistics phrase, and perhaps this Jones story is just the beginning of something much bigger.

And then there’s this…

A day prior to our linguistics, this news made it out without me catching it…

Report: AFA Cadets Rape, Get High, and Cheat

Military.com Aug 03, 2014 | by Richard Sisk

Air Force Academy athletes, including football players, participated in wild off-campus parties featuring booze, marijuana, and date-rape drugs, according to an investigative report.

The parties dating back to 2010 included “a core group of top football players” who allegedly smoked synthetic marijuana, drank heavily and used date-rape drugs to incapacitate women who were then sexually abused, the Gazette report said.

 That’s all I could I bear from that article. What is this world coming to? Maybe I was wrong all along…maybe humanity IS devolving into oblivion.

Regardless, let’s hear it for the dreams and the DreamBot. The dreams were dreamt before either of these stories went public, and the DreamBot read the appropriate linguistics perfectly…lock step with an actual football rape program being recognized.




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  1. Wondering if you’ve had any dreams involving ‘111’. I keep seeing those numbers and feel they are important. I plan on trying to intentionality dream about November 1 and January 11. Any other suggestions would be welcome as I’ve never attempted this before. Thanks.