Blood Moon Dreams: Linguistic analysis says change is coming!


by Chris McCleary; Director, National Dream Center

Anyone interested in analyzing the latest batch of dreams with me? The dreams in our DreamBase seem to have some predictive value. I hadn’t really considered the effect that the heavenly bodies were playing with our dreams, but it ended up coming out in glaring, undeniable fashion. Let’s take a look…

The recent onslaught of dreams really began on the 16th, starting with George’s amazing precognitive dream. This report will cover the 9 dreams between the 16th and today (21st). First off, if I leave anyone’s dreams off this discussion it’s probably because they were associated with already-completed precognitive dreams or dreams for Project August, which will be analyzed separately every two weeks.

In case you missed it, only those who submit Project August dreams in each 2-week period will receive the dream reports  and August predictions, so keep posting Project August dreams—it pays to dream with an intention, my friends).

Since this is largely a linguistics inspection of our recent collective dreams, let’s look at the most common words in all those dream accounts.


Reading from the screenshot above, we can see no big surprise that the word “dream” appeared more than any other word…duh! So, excluding the little annoying words like the, and, it, etc, we can see some very interesting trends. For starters, notice the top two words after “dream”…the phrase would be ”one look.”  I actually Googled “one look April 2014,” and I was surprised to find that except for BBC One filling most of the first page, two youtube videos of blood moon / lunar eclipse also appeared on the first Google page. What did we see in the period from the 16th to yesterday? Yes, of course, the blood moon, which, interestingly, might have been an influence on all these magnificent dreams this weekend!

This is a nice connection, but can we extrapolate forward with “one look” and start projecting our future? If this “one look” phrase is pointing out the blood moon and its significance, then perhaps our focus should be on the next “one look.” Since this was just the first of four blood moons, when is the next one?


“The second lunar eclipse of the tetrad is set for the early morning of Oct. 8, starting at 2:14 a.m., peaking from 3:25 to 4:24 a.m., and ending at 5:34 a.m. The West Coast is again in a good spot to see it, weather permitting. You just have to stay up later (or get up earlier.)

In 2015, the dates are April 4 and Sept. 28. For the April 4 one, the West Coast will get to see just about the whole show but the moon will set toward the very end. For Sept. 28, 2015, the moon will rise already eclipsed so we’ll get the second half of the show.

If “one look” can be broadened to heavenly phenomenon, then perhaps the asteroids over Austin dream might be a player. However, let’s do a sort of swirling around with the rest of these strange dreams to see if anything else pops out. Let’s return to the list of frequent words…


“Car” was just barely higher on the list than “house.” Are people going to be more on the move as we work toward the next “one look?” Then, check out the next two phrases in order: 1) “back off” and 2) “said go.” I feel a significant push-pull going on here. Is humanity having problems deciding whether to back off or push forward? This seems eerily coincidental to the buzz about the upcoming Grand Cardinal Cross alignment, expected to peak on the 23rd and 24th of April. Looky what I found elsewhere on the net (

“Wednesday’s [23 April] cardinal grand cross (Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto, all at right angles to each other from the signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) is basically a lot of internal push and external pull working on you all at once.”

Okay…as above, so below. In the heavens, the energies are coming to a cross configuration, which display as a push-pull type of feel in many of us. What’s most interesting is that our collective dreams the past week or so have directly displayed this exact sentiment, as indicated by the linguistics table! Phenomenal or what?

What would be even better is if we could make some chronological projections, since the push-pull is already afoot and apparently affecting us dreamers already. What’s next on the list? How about we take the next 5 words and make it a phrase…”went next turn, iron down.”


The first part of the phrase to me signals that a turn is coming, but it seems rather expected, as if we’re driving down a winding road, with gentle turns back and forth. Humanity might be headed towards its next expected turn (oh, God, pleeeeaaaaase not another war!) Then, during or after the turn, IRON DOWN.

Hmmmm…that could mean many things. The first thing that comes to mind is that iron is a form of metal. Is the metal market heading for another big dip? Or is iron equated to something like the Iron Curtain? Interestingly, the Ukraine sits right in the middle of the old Iron Curtain…is that area going down? Hopefully “iron” isn’t a pun that really means “I run,” but that does fit it nicely with both the car on the move and the push-pull stalemate. I’m open to any other “iron down” meanings if anyone has more. Let’s move on…

Next on the list…“See refuge” and “over-come.” With all that dark negativity from above, these words bring positivity, a ray of sunshine. If you read The Refuge dream, you might just feel these sentiments as you read the words. On the one hand, everything seems dark and destructive, but on the other hand, something is guiding our dreamer to a quiet, serene refuge. Is this our lesson for the upcoming week (or possibly all the way to the next “one look” in October?) Despite all the negativity you might see everywhere, there’s a Divine Hand in all this helping navigate the uncharted, choppy waters of the Grand Cardinal Cross.

Lastly, let’s take a snippet from our first somewhat positive dream called Change Your Destiny. In this amazingly detailed dream account, our dreamer is given some options. In the latter part of the dream, he interestingly declines an offer for the iron fortune teller. The man who’s helping out in the dream speaks to the dreamer this statement:

“Then this must be your changed destiny. You might be able to find another new destiny, but you can never go back to the old one.”

I leave you with this, my friends…We won’t know exactly what the future holds until it gets here. Things will most likely feel contradictory, like you won’t know whether you’re supposed to get up and DO, or just sit back and BE. The pressure might feel very strong, and the outer reality might feel very grey, destructive, and bleak (see the Dystopian World dream if you haven’t already). The only known is that our destiny is changing, and there’s no going back! So, one thing you could do is just sit back and enjoy the ride. Feel the swirling energies. Observe and revel in the contradictory messages. And while you’re at it, might as well watch out for the “iron down.”

The only thing we really know is that it should be interesting….very interesting!

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Blood Moon Dreams: Linguistic analysis says change is coming! — 3 Comments

  1. Anonymous asked:
    I have visited this site for a couple years and have a login. Most of my dreams I have problems remembering. They don’t usually tell me a much as a meditation will. It tells me there are some changes around late sept, early Oct.

    Remember from our first linguistics report that our second “one look” (or blood moon) will be…

    “the early morning of Oct. 8”

    The anonymous meditator apparently has received some similar tidbits as our precognitive dreamers. I find that interesting…something we’ll be watching going forward!

  2. Anonymous asked:
    daytime dreaming – try for some of this phenomena. I was in a shop yesterday, having a few difficulties and I said “sorry about this, I can’t get the hang of today, I’m so vague and I’ve had to redo my jobs about three times each” and the lady at the checkout said, “don’t worry, everyone is like that today and everyone is talking about it” How strange for people to be talking about a collective vague day. cheers, previous contributor – Lori

    Well, there ya have it! Anyone else feelin’ it? Already have some more related material for tomorrow’s post. Thanks, Lori, keep the comments coming.