What a Relief: Uno dream fulfilled without False Flag!

Who would have figured that this would even have been a hit for Project UNO?

The headline was this:


I had a squirrely idea about the context here, but I had my untrained eyeballs on a possible Atlanta or Phoenix false flag event. Not being a movie watcher by any stretch of that phrase, I had no idea that Philip Seymour Hoffman was already dead since this past February (Feb 2, 2014 to be exact).

To be honest, I skimmed through the majority of this dream because of the heavy emphasis on Hollywood…an area that I’ve always seemed to struggle with, but now that I look back, it was the middle “meat” of the dream that rings a STRONG HIT to this dream!

I’ll be talking mostly to the Hollywood dimwits like myself who have no working knowledge of how Hoffman went down in February, but what you’re going to find out is that this dream seems like a very strong match to his last two days on earth.

First, you should probably go ahead and read the dream…

The Dream:

Morning May 30, 2014

I was observing this scene. A group of actors and musicians (about 25 people – all perhaps in early 20s) were sitting in chairs on stage in an empty theater, rehearsing; it felt like an orchestra rehearsal. In the front row was Philip Seymour Hoffman, who seemed about 20; he was in some sort of stupor, smiling oddly, not speaking, as if he was on a hallucinogenic acid trip. His chair was by itself. About 4 feet away, in the front row, were sitting in chairs… Daniel Radcliff (who played Harry Potter), another young man, and Jaquin Phoenix.

A man standing in the center aisle of the theater starting yelling at Hoffman, berating him, saying things like… you have no talent, your father smoothed the way, opened the doors for you, you have done nothing. Radcliff gets angry and starts yelling back, defending Hoffman, saying, “He’s brilliant… he just needs to wait and watch”. Then Phoenix starts defending Hoffman too. But when I zoom in on Phoenix, his face changes to a young man that I don’t recognize. I felt they were trying to say that Hoffman was some sort of autistic savant.

Then, I’m in the balcony, in a prestige seating box… I man is standing there watching all this… He is Hoffman’s father.

The scene changes. The father (I never see his face), Hoffman, Radcliff, Phoenix, and the other young man, are all outside a sort of huge tent (like a circus tent or arabian tent). The father is smoking. Hoffman is still in a stupor. I walk over to him saying, “I want you to write the music for the next 6 Harry Potter movies”, and shake his hand. The other boys rush over in excitement.

The scene changes. I am walking through a set of huge (20feet tall by 8ft wide each) black, steel, double doors. I am on the tarmac and have just landed in a small private jet. I feel that I’m in Atlanta. I am carrying a large, rectangular brown man’s briefcase in my left hand, with a beige trench coat thrown over my left arm and the briefcase. Hoffman is walking toward me, still in a stupor. He extends his right hand to shake mine, but instead mistakenly walks to a black lady behind me to shake her hand. She is with a black gentleman. They have just gotten off the same plane.

As I was coming out of this, I saw Hoffman’s face merge with the face the security guard who was framed for the Atlanta Olympic bombing years ago, and who was finally exonerated.


We present the rest of the dream for two reasons. First, her assessment rings of Hoffman’s main role in that movie. This Harry Potter appearance makes him the star of a movie called, “A Most Wanted Man!” How’s that for the title of her Project Uno Headline…”Bombing Suspect Philip Seymour Hoffman?”

The second reason, unfortunately, is that there is still a remote chance for her dream analysis to come true literally, and that’s something we certainly don’t want. The good news is that most of her headline is directly hit by other literal and metaphoric details:

This Dream and the Dreamer’s Headline Hit BIG:

1. Joaquin Phoenix was a very close friend/actor with Hoffman (match to city Phoenix).

2. Hoffman was starring as “The Most Wanted Man,” which is a very close match to “Bombing Suspect”

3. The fact that he overdosed on heroine is extremely close to “on Psychiatric drugs.”

4. The only miss in the dreamer’s headline was “Atlanta.”

5. However, her dream had even more matches that weren’t apparent in her headline guess:

a. All the people in her dream seeing Hoffman “out of it” and “on a hallucinogenic acid trip” Was exactly what happened the night he died (people seeing him high)

b. Apparently, on his last night alive, he gave someone a very weak high five, and that makes a resounding match to Dee’s comment that Hoffman “extends his right hand to shake mine, but instead…”(walks past).     Amazing: “[Hoffman gave] Pabst’s sister “a half high-five” before continuing on his way.

c. People berating him in the dream. This is the big slam dunk for the whole article here because this is something that could NOT have been known ahead of time. All the previous information we’ve talked about here could theoretically be explained by “day residue,” but not this one. Just a couple days ago, Hoffman made multiple major headlines to my surprise, because he gifted absolutely zero inheritance to his kids! Preposterous! This is the whole reason why I investigated Hoffman and why this post even exists! Check it out (These are major headlines here; his name is literally everywhere…people are BERATING him for stiffing his kids of any inheritance)…






There are probably many more hits here, which the Hollywood experts could probably identify, but I think I’ve covered all the grand slams. In short, Dee Ann gets a huge hit, and I hope to God this is all we see of this headline.

For scoring purposes, she gets a slight ding for being a week early (the grand slam aspect here is exactly one week from the target date of August 1st.) She also gets a small ding for the word Atlanta, but otherwise, this one is very impressive.

Just in case I’m wrong, here’s the rest of her dream input…

What does this mean? I feel there is some hidden false flag operation being rehearsed by actors who think they are simply in an “emergency practice” situation. I feel this will happen either in Atlanta or Phoenix. About a week ago, I did see on the internet a supposed craig’s list add from homeland recruiting actors for such a practice in the Atlanta area. So, is this really precognitive? or was my dream influenced by this information? well, all I can say is… I didn’t dream this until I got the email from Chris about Project Uno. I feel the briefcase had a bomb in it. I feel the words “rehearsal” and “orchestrated” are very important. I feel that this will not go smoothly according to their plan, something will go wrong… like the bomb is placed in the wrong area or doesn’t perform properly. A patsy who has been mind controlled will be caught and blamed for it. Intuitively, I feel that these dark forces will realize that these false flags don’t work anymore… we are no longer frightened, we’re onto their tricks, and we know what they are up to before they do it. Dear God, let’s hope so.




Finally, I won’t be applying any scores yet in Uno Headlines until after August 1st when I can compare the different inputs. In fact, you can expect me to wait until the end of August or until all the headlines are properly fulfilled before I make my assessments.

Great job, Dee! This girl’s got talent!


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