Getting this a lot lately…a question about non-dreams

The question is…Are you accepting not only dreamers who have prophetic dreams but is NDC also open to remote viewers, seers, people who are psychic or highly perceptive and intuitive etc.?

Answer: Yes, we value all forms of intuition here at the NDC. Unless specifically prohibited (we’ve had a couple of projects disallowing non-dreams), seers may put their intuition, remote viewing session, meditative vision, etc. anywhere we accept dreams.

HOWEVER: you must specify what your modality was. You’ll notice in many DreamBase inputs that the person will say “This was a daytime vision” or “my intuition says [xyz].”

If your dream / vision / remote view / intuition can come true in the future, then the ONLY ACCEPTABLE documentation of that prediction is in the DreamBase! We have a forum started that displays validated dream/etc. precognition, but the dreamers claiming precognition must have it documented IN THE DREAMBASE, because that was set up to not allow editing of the dream once submitted.

Then, when your dream / vision / intuition comes true, you simply fill out the form “My Dream Came True,” and we’ll validate if for you.

In summary, you may put non-dream visions anywhere that dreams are input at the NDC. This mainly includes the DreamBase and the forums; however, if credit is desired later, the only acceptable place is the DreamBase. Wherever you put non-dream intuition, be sure to explain your source or modality (e.g., I remote viewed this scenario and received….)

Thanks for the question!


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Getting this a lot lately…a question about non-dreams — 2 Comments

  1. This is really great. I do not participate in forums anymore. However they provide a great way for people to hone their abilities by assisting each other. I personally do not need validation for my abilities. After years of being on f0rums, i have a proven track record of accuracy. There is another place that has a forum, that has back door links to an AI research facility. I would not recommend that forum and never went on there. It is a “honey trap”. However, this is not the case with your “site”.

    Good job Chris, I SEE good things coming from your efforts. They may not turn out exactly like you expect. Some will as they manifest.

    However a forum is a great place where many minds make “light work” and light is what we percieve.

    All things, be they material, non material or other, have one common design, within phenomenal reality, “Ebbs and flows.”

    I SEE the person named “Tony” or “anthony”, will be very accurate “soon” from what Eye See. Whether or not this person has entered into your field of vision or not as of yet I do not know, I just know that name I read off here last time I posted a comment. Eating pho noodles. This is only the 3rd time to your website.

    Thank you for your reply earlier, I sometimes can be all buisness and less cordial, when I’m juggling multiple thoughts and tasks. As per your comment earlier, No apology accepted, no offense was received. You are Brite in my eyes.

    Safe Journey.


  2. Tony-A.

    She will have another “hit” soon. I do not know her, had never seen her except what came to me, as i was on your site. Pho noodles, and “tony” is what I read off your site where I came here at the time. I wasnt going to come back. However, it came to me this morning, the recent 5 stars she got is not the 5 stars she will recieve soon.

    I have other interests, and other thoughts that becon my attention elsewhere. I would become more of a distraction here than an assistance. However, after a dialog with the Divine, i felt it was prudent to post another comment.

    Glad you got rest Chris, and good to hear the hypnosis, is loosing it’s hold on the collective mind. I agree.

    We are in a period of patience, right before the threshold breaches and the collective pours out. Everything a pears to be very promising.