Verging on Red Alert: P1 Dreamers needed asap

If you have little time, please go straight to the end for summaries, headline prediction, and TO DO item. FIRST, on your way through to the bottom, ensure you specifically read the NDC First Axiom!

I apologize for typos in advance…this was my fastest writing/publishing to date.

I have never seen so many big and varying memes coming together all … Read more

Paradigm 3: The New Journey has Begun!

cooltreeParadigm 3 is a world-changing concept that promises to move humanity into a more promising and beneficial future. It operates on the concepts of wholeness and synergy. It takes contrary viewpoints and makes a workable process for collective change.

Creating and predicting are seen by most people as contradictory, but in Paradigm 3, they not only feed off each other, … Read more

Proj Aug Results (Section 2): Dream Overlap is Important

Important: If you are not into scientific mumbo jumbo, please at least jump to the summary and implications, because while the supporting information is lengthy and cumbersome, the takeaways are very important indeed!

There were only 2 noteworthy correlation factors found in our Project August data. The first one was covered in Section 1, and it had to do … Read more

Proj Aug: Dreams Now Public

Project August was one of the biggest initiatives to hit the field of dream research since…before the Dark Ages?

In this project, dreamers from around the world attempted to dream about future events, but instead of individual precognition, this group attempted to find the overlaps and themes, which were then used to construct predictive August headlines.

Out of the 114 … Read more

Proj Aug Results (Section 1): Accuracy vs. Time

Note: If you’d like to see all the headlines that were generated during Project August, they are all listed here, including links to substantiate those that were entirely or partially fulfilled:

Its one thing to marvel at all the amazing predictions that came true over the summer, but even more important is to investigate the data that was cooking … Read more

Hollywood: Lessons Learned could spell disaster for Dallas

This is pretty incredible I think.

On our August 5th DreamForecast, we identified a strange surge in “Clouds,” “Storms,” and “Hollywood.” We made a stab at a headline that had to do with shots at the Barrymore house, which metaphorically came true.

While there is not doubt that our prediction was matched correctly with the Barrymore situation, I’ll … Read more

Paradigm 3: A Look at the Processes

Paradigm 3 can seem confusing until we define the actual processes. This isn’t for the faint at heart, because Paradigm 3 stands right at the razor’s edge of where free will and destiny meet. Many people are vying to control our reality right now, and to the outsider, Paradigm 3 looks like just one more organization doing the controlling.

This … Read more

A Glitch in Consciousness

This one is extremely short for the holiday weekend. Normally we’d have a full court press on the linguistics here, but this latest DreamBot4 run is extremely interesting nonetheless and worthy of your time. I’d like to get some heavy incubation going to interpret what this could possibly mean for humanity’s future. Is there a rip or tear in the … Read more

DreamBot as propaganda defense: “Terrorist” isn’t recognized!!

Through the statistics we gathered throughout the summer (which shall be forthcoming in the next week or two), we have a profound sense of confidence in how the collective seems to foresee certain world events.

Although we don’t yet have statistics to fully reciprocate some of our findings, a new hypothesis can at least be generated from them, and instead … Read more

Headline #31 & 103: With an exclamation point!

Still have doubts on our August cold headlines? Not that 31 and 103 needed any more support…


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Congrats, Apology, and Request

Been awake for too many hours, so making this one very short. I want to apologize to a couple of dreamers…I hadn’t realized that not all form submittals were forwarded to our inbox, and therefore, a couple of dream validations have been overlooked. Unfortunately, I have an urking suspicion that there are more you who submitted forms for “My Dream … Read more

Headline #76 gets a hit from NYC

I was originally worrying how in world could we ever receive any sort of hit on Headline #76, which said, “False flag in NYC…plan failed; citizens arrest alleged perpetrators.”

I mean, how in the world would we ever know that a false flag failed? Well, lucky for us, the connections were quite easy here, although it doesn’t amount to a … Read more

Confessions of a metaphoric dreamer

In a moment, I’m going to let Sherriann do the talking, but I wanted to introduce the topic at hand first. We’re looking at the combination of metaphors and precognition. This is a really sticky area, especially when trying to do 2 things: 1) accurately predict the future and 2) assess whether the event really came true.

Metaphors in general … Read more

A Revisit of Headlines #6 & 25: If only there were bonus points!

Headline #25

Do you want a bigger name in the elite cabal surrendering? Forget it. This headline was already maxed out, but we’re looking for extra credit on Headline #25.

It happens in the final throes of our target month, August 2014. It’s not like we really needed this headline…after all, we’ve already had several big financial scandals taking down … Read more

DreamBot4: Deflationary Warning and Proj Bluebeam?

My apologies for skipping a week on the DreamForecast. I realize we could use one right now, but I just haven’t the time. Next best thing…DreamBot4, which scours thousands of dreams for the biggest surging memes in the last week’s worth of collective dream content.

The list itself is posted in this forum, and that’s where I want the discussion … Read more

A 3rd Dallas Hit: Are you blown away?

Just like the previous bomb threat prediction, we are very pleased to announce that our third of four Dallas predictions has successfully come to pass without any loss of life. There has been extensive damage to someone’s property, but 5 children and their mother escaped a tragic situation that could have been total disaster.

The predictive headline stated, “On Read more

Getting this a lot lately…a question about non-dreams

The question is…Are you accepting not only dreamers who have prophetic dreams but is NDC also open to remote viewers, seers, people who are psychic or highly perceptive and intuitive etc.?

Answer: Yes, we value all forms of intuition here at the NDC. Unless specifically prohibited (we’ve had a couple of projects disallowing non-dreams), seers may put their intuition, remote … Read more

Yet Another Big Headline Hit…Bomb Threat

Well, it wasn’t the chaos we expected, but having experience in the aviation industry, I can guarantee a 100% chance that there was chaos in the cockpit of this American Airlines flight from Dallas-Ft Worth Airport. But before we get to the news, let’s reiterate the predicted headline posted about 24 hours prior to the news coming out.

Non-PA Headline … Read more

Daily DreamBot4: Humanity is Challenging our Politicians!

You don’t want to miss these surging memes, and please provide any insight in the forum thread!


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Headline #50: Swarms of Earthquakes

Through the help of dreamer “Nipper,” we were able to piece together a definite 5.0 headline. It just so happens that this headline was also numbered with the same digits: a 5 and a 0 (#50)!

Anyhow, Headline #50 said, “Alarming earthquake trend rising in mid-August.”

Instead of blabbing to no end about this, let’s just throw out … Read more